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We are so excited!  Our sweet Bonnie is due to have puppies mid-November 2016.  Puppies would be available to go to their new homes mid-Febuary 2017.  If you are interested in a puppy from this litter please e-mail us and we will send you an application.  When the puppies have arrived and we receive your application we will call you to talk at length about your interest.

See our Puppies page for pictures of our recent litter.


Welcome to Clifton Standard Poodles; breeder and home of silver, blue, and white standard poodles.

I have loved poodles for over 40 years, and out of that love of the breed, and dogs in general, I wanted to contribute to the work of generations of breeders who dedicated themselves to a continuum of healthy and happy dogs. Clifton Standards raises standard poodles for show, but most of all, to become a member of the family. Our dogs live with us, swim with us, play with us, and sprawl across the couch with us, and I seek the same for all our puppies.

Thank you for your interest in Clifton Standards. We welcome you to learn more about us, poodles, and our puppies through our website and inquiries.

Dianne N. Janczewski & Wayne Matten
Clifton, Virginia

white poodle pup

blue pup                                                            silver pupsab & iz           


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