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All of our puuppies have found furever homes!

These are pictures from some of our past litters.

If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for our 2019 litter, or would like information on other breeders, please email us! (please note I am often slow to respond when we do not have puppies.)

standing snow

These are pictures from Bonnie's litters, and she has been an awesome mom.  Bonnie was born in our home and has been one of the happiest, smiling dogs we have.  She lives here with great her aunt Abby, our retired breeding female and litter mate to her grandmother Oona of Parrishill Poodles, and Izzy, one of Abby's offspring.  Our three girls fill our lives with warm poodle pillows, muddy feet, and an occasional lizard tail.  We are greatful for Bonnie's playfullness and her incredible gentleness as a mom. 

Mom Clifton Parrishill Bonbon aka Bonnie

Our puppies in their first week of life. 

Week two!     

Watch us grow!     

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I am sometimes slow to respond, but will try my best to be in touch quickly.

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